FORTUNE MAGAZINE: Iran’s Startup Spring

May 1st, 2016|0 Comments

As sanctions are lifted, can a burst of entrepreneurship succeed—and even transform the nation? By Vivienne Walt ~ TEHRAN  The sun is streaming through the windows of a loft-like office where a half-dozen [...]

OPC: Europe Under Attack: How Paris Changed Us

April 18th, 2016|0 Comments

By Vivienne Walt ~ PARIS  Friday, November 13, 2015 was a strangely balmy night in Paris, the kind that makes visitors fall in love with the city. People spilled out of the cafés, winding [...]

TIME MAGAZINE – Belgium Races To Plug Its Holes In The War Against Terror

January 28th, 2016|0 Comments

By Vivienne Walt ~ PARIS  A cell phone chimed in Brussels’ heavily Muslim district of Molenbeek after midnight on Nov. 14, as much of the world watched the carnage in Paris, where dozens lay [...]

TIME MAGAZINE – The Hardest Question: Explaining the Paris Attacks to My Child

November 15th, 2015|0 Comments

By Vivienne Walt ~ PARIS How to explain the inexplicable? “Mama, were kids killed?” The question came two days after the devastating terror attacks in Paris killed 129 people, when I finally sat down [...]

TIME MAGAZINE – The Lost Boys of Europe

October 8th, 2015|0 Comments

Teenage refugees are strangers in a strange land By Vivienne Walt ~ CATANIA, ITALY  As the August heat in Eritrea grew torpid, Mahari, 17, laid plans to flee his homeland. With relatives in [...]

TIME MAGAZINE – Europe’s Crisis of Conscience

April 30th, 2015|0 Comments

As more migrants drown in the Mediterranean and anti-immigrant sentiment on the continent continues to rise, what will Europe’s leaders do? By Vivienne Walt  Abu Mohammed was in the living room of the [...]


May 31st, 2013|0 Comments

By Vivienne Walt ~ KURDISTAN If you head up the northern highway that cuts through Iraq's semiautonomous region of Kurdistan, a turnoff to the east leads you into the picturesque mountain village of Al-Kush. [...]

TIME MAGAZINE – Can This Woman Fix Europe?

April 8th, 2013|0 Comments

By Vivienne Walt ~ PARIS On a chilly night in March, in a concrete building on the grand avenue d’Iéna in Paris, a silver-haired woman sits at an empty conference table. Most of the offices [...]

TIME MAGAZINE – Escape from Syria

March 19th, 2012|0 Comments

By Vivienne Walt ~ SYRIA  In a war zone, some buildings are obvious targets--command centers, weapons depots, enemy hideouts-- and some are not, like schools, hospitals, media centers. But in the battle for Syria, [...]

FORTUNE MAGAZINE – Diamonds aren’t forever

December 6th, 2006|0 Comments

A new Hollywood movie is raising tough questions about Africa's bloody diamond trade. Fortune's Vivienne Walt reports from the pits. By Vivienne Walt ~ SIERRA LEONE  Sahr Amara is stooped low, knee-deep in [...]